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Porcelain Insulators

Porcelain Insulators

Zanjan Sadaf Gostar Insulator Company as a member of Iran Transfo Corporation, founded in 2000, is now one of the leading producers of porcelain insulators in Iran. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2000 from SGS Switzerland. The company’s success in producing high quality insulators is due to customer support and local raw material suppliers.We offer a wide range of products including low, medium and high voltage insulators up to 36 kV insulation class including transformer bushings and distribution line insulators. The company is prepared for immediate commencement to produce new products according to customer specifications.


Aiming at the customer satisfaction and assuring the desired product quality, all the sample and routine tests according to the international global standards IEC, DIN & ANSI are performed. The following tests are performed on the insulators in the high voltage lab:


Sample tests

Routine tests

Porosity test

Electrical test

Temperature cycle test

Dimension verification

Mechanical test

Visual examination

Mechanical - electrical test


The ceramic physical laboratory is established in order to improve the mechanical and electrical strength of the insulators with high tech equipment. Mechanical & electrical tests such as bending strength test, green bending strength, open porosity test, thermal shock, electric strength, slurry density, slurry plasticity and grain sizes are performed on the insulator's body, glaze and cement.