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Insulation materials

Insulation materials

Pars Electric I Company as a member of Iran-Transfo Corporation is an internationally operating manufacturer of power , distribution and special transformer's insulating system components on the basis of Transformer board (Pressboard & Press paper) and Transformer wood (Laminated Compressed Wood) and special insulation papers. Our expertise in electric insulation materials laid the foundation for an internationally reputed enterprise. Special forming and pressing procedures are employed in the manufacturing technique of the pressboard components.

Following categories of products are in range of our activities:



· Machined - Milled

·Wrapped - Metallized

·Formed - Shaped




Which include the components as bellow:


• Cylinders
• Shield rings
• T-strips
• Block washers
• Rectangular strips
• Angle rings
• Radial spacers
• Caps
• Pressure rings
• Snouts
• Helical endings
• Barrier cylinders
• Edge protection angle rings + caps
• Strips
• Blocks
• Wrappings
• Crossover insulation
• Oil guiding segments
• Clack band
• Spacer Rings  
• Clamping Plates and Rings
• Distribution transformer insulation parts