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shunt reactor

shunt reactor


Shunt Reactors

Shunt reactors are a vital part for the efficient operation of long HV power transmission lines. Compensation of capacitive reactance of transmission lines to avoid uncontrolled voltage rise particularly in lightly loaded long networks or extended cable systems, reduction of system-frequency over-voltages when a sudden load drop or no load occurs and improvement of stability and efficiency of energy transmission are the main advantages of using shunt reactors.Iran Transfo manufactures shunt reactors with power ratings up to 50 MVAR (three phase) and voltage ratings up to 420 kV which can be connected directly to the operational voltage on the high voltage side or placed on the tertiary side of the network transformer, suitable for continuous as well as switched-mode operations. Our design is based on the gapped core method, which gives the transformer a compact design with lower losses, noise level and total mass. The method also permits an efficient control and guidance of the flux paths to prevent and eliminate additional losses in uncontrolled return paths for the main flux.Design similarities with large power transformers permit an efficient use of long time experience in designing and manufacturing power transformers for instance when it comes to windings, insulation build up, tank and accessories as well as manufacturing processes and delivery tests.Shunt Reactors are designed and tested according to IEC 60289 & IEC 60076 standards.

If your company:

Has transmission lines longer than 100 km, or

You have network instability due to load variations, or

You are going to build new transmission lines > 170 kV, or

You are planning to replace over head lines with HV-cable (rated voltage from >20 kV)

You probably need a shunt reactor.