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Iran Transformer Research Institute in partnership with the Presidency Technology and Innovation Cooperation Office (24% share), Iran Transfo Corporation (51% share) and Sharif University (25% share), was established in 2000 .


1- Training

  • International Transformer Conference
  • Training Courses
  • On-site Training Courses
  • Head of National Committee  corresponding to  IEC-TC14 Power Transformers

2- Electrical Department

  • Shunt Reactor Design& Manufacturing
  • LAF Transformer Design & Manufacturing
  • Silicon Oil, Wind Turbine Transformer Design
  • Power Transformer Calculation Optimization Software
  • Oval Foil Winding Distribution Transformer Design
  • Eddy Losses Calculation in Transformer Tank According to Mirror Method
  •       Short Circuit Test field Transformer Design

3- Mechanical Department

  • Self-sufficiency in the field of netting tape insulator in windings with CTC conductors.
  • Creating technical knowledge and computer software in the field of transformer thermal calculation for power transformers.
  • Creating technical Knowledge and computer software for windings with CTC conductors and netting tape and perforated insulator in “ON/OF/OD” cooling systems.
  • Mechanical design of medium power transformers
  • Creating technical knowledge of Zig Zag windings

ITRI and R&D manager: Dr Mehdi Hadinezhad


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