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High-voltage Laboratory
Final Product High-voltage test

High-voltage laboratory is responsible for performing tests on transformers according to IEC60076. This laboratory is the best-equipped Lab. In the Middle East. High-voltage laboratory succeeded to get DIN EN ISO/IEC17025:2005 Certificate in 2007 from DAP (German Accreditation system for testing) which was re-accredited by DAkkS in 2009.
DINENISO/IEC 17025 certificate scope covers the following standards:
IEC60076-1 Power transformers-Part1: General
IEC60076-2 Power transformers-Part2: Temperature rise test
IEC60076-3 Power transformers-Part3: Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air
IEC60076-10 Power transformers-Part10: Determination of sound levels
High Voltage Measuring Equipment Performance Tests
High-Voltage laboratory is responsible for performance test of its equipment. tests are performed according to IEC60060-2. These tests are performed with update and modern reference equipment and advanced techniques.
Following performance tests are in DIN EN ISO/IEC17025 certificate scope:
-AC voltage (peak)
-Lightning impulse voltage
-Switching impulse voltage
Final Products Inception

This department is responsible for inspecting of final products according to the defined procedures. This department succeeded to get DIN EN ISO/IEC17020 certificate for inspecting in the scope of its work which following inspections are mentioned in the certificate scope:
1. Transformer and body consignment
2. Transformer radiators packing
3. Transformer protection & control devices
4. Transformer accessories
5. Gas leakage control
6. Shock meter preparation and installation
7. Transformer packing, loading & fastening