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In-Process Inception


This department is responsible for controlling of the semi-finished parts, in-process activities and
products within production line and also this department is responsible for inspecting and quality
control of final products. This department has met DIN EN ISO/IEC17020 requirements for some significant inspections which some of them are listed below:
1. Transformer Tank
2. Accessories conformance
3. Deformation test ---vacuum & pressure
4. Pressure test-leakage test~
5. Preparation & painting test
6. Hot-Dip Galvanization
7. Radiators
8. Core cutting and stacking
9. Leakage test at tank shop
10. Winding block assembly
11. Winding
12. Active part drying
13. Insulation resistance

>>Welding Non-Destructive Testing
In-process inspection department succeeded to get DIN EN ISO/IEC17020
certificate for non-destructive tests. Well-trained and qualified personnel are employed for
performing these tests. Non-destructive tests are listed below:
1. Visual Testing (VT)
2. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
3. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
4. Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)