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Material Lab. and calibration services
This laboratory is responsible for performing requested tests by Incoming material inspection department and other departments. The latest versions of national and international standards as test methods, technical specifications and/or requested methods. This department is equipped with update and modern equipment. material laboratory succeeded to get DIN EN ISO/IEC17025 certificate from DAkks in 2009, the certificate is shown in certificate part which shows clearly the scope and test methods. DIN EN ISO IEC17025 certificate scope tests are related to:
1. Grain-oriented electrical steel
2. Paint
3. Oil
4. Enameled Flat Wire
5. Copper Red raw Rod
6. Celluloses papers for electrical purposes
7. Pressboard and press paper for Electrical purposes
8. Hot Rolled Steel Plate
9. NBR Materials for sealing
10. Calibration
And other tests.