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The R&D department has presented the research results of our experts in national and international publications. publishing two research reports and dozens of scientific papers, is one of the activities of R&D in this field.

Title Download
A new method for comparing the transfer function of transformers in order to detect the location and amount of winding faults Download
The effect of axial displacement of transformer windings on impulse and transferred voltage distribution Download
Calculation of temprature rises in disc type windings with directed oil flow Download
An Investigation of Parameters Affecting the Temperature Rise in Windings with Zigzag Cooling Flow Path Download
Partial Discharge Localization in Transformers Using Detailed Modeling of Winding and Calibration Pulses Download
New Informative Features of Partial Discharges and limitations of conventional Download
Experimental Investigation of PD Diagnosis Based on Consecutive Pulses Data Download
Turn- to –Turn Fault Localization of Power Transformers Using Neural Network Techniques Download
New Attempts in Automated Partial Discharge Identification Using Pulse Sequence Analysis Download
Investigation of Core Effect on Frequency response Analysis of Power Transformers Download
An Algorithm for Partial Discharge Localization in Transformers Using Winding Design Data Download
Frequency Response Analysis – Low Frequency Characteristics and Fault Diagnosis on Power Transformers Download
The Variations of the Transformer High Frequency Transfer Function in Different Manufacturing Stages Download
Investigations on Sensitivity of Frequency Response Analysis Technique to Measuring Setup Download
Investigations on the Transformer High Frequency Transfer Function to interpretation of FRA Measurements Download