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dentification of knowledge and new technologies to enhance competitive advantages

Nowadays, well-known transformer manufacturer companies, do massive investments on research for innovation and improvement of their products. Iran Transfo R &D unit with a development approach attempts to take effective steps in this regard and with the target of being among the top ten companies in transformer industry, has launched extensive activities to produce high quality products according to the latest technology.

Management of expert committees in order to solve technical problems

The expert committees are composed of experienced engineers of the company in order to solve the existing problems by integrated approaches and guidelines, based on the latest scientific and practical achievements. Improvement of the company's technical capabilities in the fields of material standards, equipments, technology development, production optimization techniques and innovation and quality, in line with the Iran Transfo strategy, are of the main objectives of the expert committees. The main task of expert committees includes providing internal documents and standards (with the collaboration of R&D unit), in accordance with the Iran Transfo technical requirements.

Providing and updating the engineering software

Reputable companies in order to increase their technical capabilities and competitiveness in world markets, use a variety of software for optimum designing and reliable production. In this respect Research and development unit, in accordance with technical requirements of the Iran Transfo company, prepares and updates the latest version of the contemporary engineering software.

Continuous cooperation with Transformer Research Institutes

In this field, R&D has conducted some projects through cooperation with international transformer research institutes. The activities include ordering some specialized software and holding training courses and seminars.

Interactive Communication with universities

Today, the relation between industry & universities has become a necessity in order to improve university science level on the one hand and solving industry problems on the other hand. In this regard, Iran Transfo R&D unit has established close relationship with reputable local universities through collaboration with faculty experts. Some of these projects are in the field of partial discharge, thermal calculations, ferroresonance phenomenon, transients’ calculation, life management and monitoring and many other topics.

Communication with organizations and institutions of the Electric Power Industry

There are several active organizations and institutions in the field of Electric power industry in the country. Research organizations of the Ministry of Energy and Regional Electricity Companies are some of these centers. Effective cooperation with them can solve problems related to the transformer and its accessories. These cooperation leads to efficient steps to improve quality, reliability of products and customer satisfactory.

Preparing and updating the respective standards

Due to the increasing development of science and technology in the transformer industry and therefore continuous change and upgrade of international standards, R & D unit by providing the required standards and updating them ensures the production quality to be in accordance with the latest standards.