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Development of industries more than capital and technology requires knowledge-based staff. In most cases, observers search profitability and financial success of a company in its properties and equipment, However, Intellectuals are aware of this fact that success and profitability of enterprises, undoubtedly is in thanks to  hardworking and efficient human resources, the people whose commitment and expertise is an integral part of them. Transformer industry as a basic industry accounts as one of the strategic industries in each country which play a key role in the sustainability of country's energy.

Our strategy for achieving to the company's supreme goals is promoting qualitative and quantitative aspects of our products and their diversification, presence in new markets and developing self-reliance. All of these targets are possible by leaning on continuously updating knowledge of managers, staffs and workers of company with support of subsidiaries by enjoying their potential and valuable experience of their human resources in many years of activity in transformer industry. Recent changes in shareholders and devoting more than 65 percent of the capital of Iran Transfo Company to the Tose-e Melli Group Investment Company is promising a new season and a new direction of movement, vitality and empowermentof company.
 in near future  we are awaiting for a new record in production, exports and profitability of  our corporation by overcoming all difficulties to present a brilliant outcome  to Dear Stakeholders .and Iran Transfo will go towards a brighter future.


 Ibrahim Valadkhani