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The History of Iran Transfo Corp.
Following the contract signed in 1961 between Tehran Regional Electric Company and Siemens Co. in 1966 Iran Transfo Corp. (Private Company) with an estimate capital of 26,460 $ With the corporation of Tehran Regional Electric Co. (%45) Siemens (%45) and The Bank of Industrial and Mining Development (%10) was established and the first steps of the company’s construction were taken on a area of 54,000 m ² Shahre Rey.
In 1967 the company’s capital was increased to 60,715$ and Tehran Regional Electric Co. shares were transferred to SATKAB. In 1968 the company started its operation with the capacity of 70 MVA per annum and through the following years 1969, 1971, 1973, 1977, its capacity relatively increased to 500, 700, 1000, 1500 MVA. In 1975, %20 of the company’s shares was transferred to the institute of ownership expansion of manufacturers and Iran National Investment Co. to be transferred to workers and farmers in order to fulfill the law of ownership expansion of manufacturers. Since that time Iran Transfo was converted into a Public Company.
All Products manufactured in the company comply with the VDE0532, IEC60076, and include: oil immersed distribution transformers, 3 phase oil immersed transformers ranging from 25 to 5000 KVA and with the voltage range of 11, 20, 33 KV.
In order to synchronize the transformer production capacity with the country’s needs and considering the increasing amount of electricity consumption of the country and governmental plans Iran Transfo Co. increased its capacity from 1,500 MVA to 15,000 MVA in1975. According to this decision and in agreement with the law of non-centralization of industries in Tehran, Zanjan was chosen as the new location to expand the company. The chosen land had an area of 1,000,000 m² and was located 5km west of Zanjan; this was a start for an expansion plan which consisted of two new factories.

Iran Transfo Distribution Co. was the first of the two companies and was designed to produce oil immersed
distribution transformers with the total capacity up to 3500 MVA per annum following the footsteps of Ray Co.
The second was The Power Transformers Co. which was designed to produce power transformers with the total capacity up to 10,000 MVA per annum and its products included: power transformers with ratings between 2 and 315 MVA and with voltage ranges of 63, 132, 230, 400 KV.
The first phase of the project was launched in 1976 with a total budget of 67,857,142$. The first phase of Distribution Factory was launched in 8.Nov.1979, and manufacturing of power transformers started in this factory in the first half of 1981 and from 12.Aug.1983 it worked with maximum production capacity. The expansion project was a seven year plan with three separate phases. The details of the procedure are as follow:

 Iran Transfo Expansion Project 

  First Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Exploitation Date 1979 1982 1985
Distribution Transformers 1000 2500 3500
Power Transformers 2500 6500 10,000
Employees 2623 3800 4600

The production plan:


Distribution Transformers:

-  25 to 2000 kVA with voltage rang up to 33 kV.

 Power Transformers:
-  First phase: Power up to 30 MVA, voltage up to 132 kV.
-   Second phase: Power up to 200 MVA, voltage up to 230 kV.

-  Third phase: Power up to 315 MVA, voltage up to 420 kV.

Collaborative projects with reputative companies

our technology promoted during collaboration with world leading manufacturers. some of the important collaborative projects are :

-          Collaborative production of power grid transformers with Siemence  ordered by  iran power development co. (I.P.D.C).

-          Collaborative production of generator step-up transformers with ELIN for Hydropower plant with rated voltage 400/15.75 and rated capacity 160MVA ordered by farab corporation in projects like karkhe power plant , Masjed Soleyman…

-          Collaborative production of generator step-up transformers with ABB,  ordered by Mapna in collaboration with Alzando (Italy).


Iran Transfo Co. is currently active with a capital of 300,000,000 USD and Production capacity of 23000MVA per annum. Despite all the problems that the factory has faced during these years it has been able to overcome all these obstacles with its devoted and hardworking experts. And our intention has always been to improve and convert our deficiencies into efficiencies.